The jewelry piece Engagement Rings for Men: Traditions are Changing

If you’ve been maintaining yourself updated lately, you’ve possibly heard that Tiffany & Co has released involvement bands for men. Indeed, the American luxury jewelry company Jewelry Repair Mesa has become selling men’s engagement rings, following the growing demand for fine jewelry among male shoppers.

But what’s really behind this uptrend? Is this only a fad that will wane anytime soon or even a reliable turn away from tradition jewelry Jewelry Repair Mesa with a solid footing?

Let’s find out!

Are hat Men’s Engagement Rings?

Like women’s, men’s engagement rings also symbolize commitment. It’s a factual statement to the entire world they have found the love of these lives. However, don’t assume all men must wear one. It’s precisely about preferences. In case a man chooses not to wear one, that’s good. But if he decides to wear a wedding ring, that’s good, too. Men, women, and same-sex partners can both share the fun.

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You probably didn’t think about it, but men do wear engagement rings. It isn’t a brand new trend, but rather a continuous trend development that started a couple of years ago. For example, in 2012, 17% of polled men said they would wear an engagement ring.

Once you think about it, the thought of a person wearing a wedding ring has existed well before today. Nevertheless, the trend has not thoroughly swept up because many jewelers have already been pushing it aside.

In the past, there is a British singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran, who donned a straightforward silver band wedding ring in 2018. Before Sheeran, we also had Canadian singer, and songwriter Michael Buble flashed his wedding ring Jewelry Repair Mesa for photographers to see. And then obviously, who would forget actor Johnny Depp’s gleaming vintage-style wedding ring? The crew didn’t fit his ex-wife Amber heard, so he chose to keep it for himself, accidentally subverting gender roles.

What is Citrine?

An exact number of quartz, citrine is just a yellow-to-orange gemstone that’s commonly mistaken for topaz. The name “citrine” replaced its initial name “yellow quartz” when the daddy of modern mineralogy George Bauer first mentioned “citrine” in his 1556 book.

On the one hand, as a shade, citrine was first cited in 1386—a reference used to describe the citron fruit. Similarly and out of numerous origin stories, many thought that the gemstone’s name “citrine” comes from the Latin word “citrus,” which identifies the group of citrus fruits.

You might wonder what makes citrine yellow to orange, but this component remains to be under debate. Some say that traces of aluminum and irradiation into its crystal framework gave this gem its color. Meanwhile, others suggested Jewelry Repair Mesa that iron causes its yellow color as crystals are treated in iron-bearing solution in many cases. Still, different dichroic behavior between lab-grown citrine and natural citrine negates this suggestion.

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