Why Pakistan Is The Coolest Places To Visit?

Pakistan is a nation with mesmerizing areas, lovely rivers, huge deserts, calm lakes, fascinating waterfalls, freezing glaciers, and wonderful sceneries. Pakistan’s splendor is matchless. If you intend on discovering concealed tourist places in Pakistan after this, you should visit the upper areas. You’ll undoubtedly be astonished to see the great hills in Gilgit, the Golden maximum at Hunza valley travel, clouds playing cover and seek at Sri Paye, the wonderful Sea Saif-ul-Mulook at Kaghan pit, and the heaven-like Fairy Meadows at the bedrooms base of Nanga Parbat. Several of the wonderful areas to see in Pakistan are Rawalakot, Swat Area, Nathiagali, Neelum Area, and many more. This great organic elegance makes Pakistan a top tourist destination in the world.

Tourists often wonder, ‘Why should I go to Pakistan?’ ‘Is it safe to visit Pakistan?’ ‘Which are probably the most beautiful places to go in Pakistan?’ In this blog, we will try to answer many of these questions. We shall discuss the newest policies our government has adopted to improve Pakistan’s tourist activities and the present wave of foreign bloggers who’ve visited the nation and are head over heels for it.

Listed here is a listing of the most beautiful places to see in Pakistan.


Hunza valley is widely called heaven on earth, and rightfully so. It’s nestled in the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges, nearly 100 km from Gilgit. In Hunza, you can go to the historic Baltit Fort, which includes the UNESCO world heritage tentative list. It is around 700 years old. Borith Pond in Hunza keeps a magnificent sea, particularly all through winters when several ducks and birds move from the warmer elements of Pakistan. This valley can also be known for its trekking expeditions as K-2, the second-highest peak of the planet is located here.


The stunning swat tour packages offer many reasons you must go to Pakistan. It includes picturesque views of the Swat river, Malamjabba ski resort, Kalam, Bahrain, Mingora, and Saidu Sharif. If you’re a history aficionado, you will undoubtedly be delighted to catch a view of Gandhara art at the Swat museum in Saidu Sharif. Marghazar, only a little far from Saidu Sharif, is known for its Sufed Mahal, a striking bright marble palace of the former ruler of Swat.

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley will give you spellbound! Its woodlands, mountain revenues, and green meadows allow it to be among the best places to see in Pakistan. Balakot and Naran kaghan trip certainly are a few towns that are part of this valley. Kunhar River is just a beautiful winding river that flows through Kaghan Valley. No one can likely miss Lake Saif-ul-Mulook, which is a great lake in the heart of Kaghan Valley. Malika Parbat’s sharp peak can also be noticed in the lake’s reflection, contributing to its beauty. Lalazar is just a picturesque green pasture with thick forests of pine and fir where wildflowers grow across the mountain slopes. Lalazar and Jheel Saif-ul-Mulook are some of the very beautiful places to see in Pakistan.


Chitral is one of the very visited tourist destinations in Pakistan. There are lots of options to explore. You can visit Tirich Mir – among the highest mountain peaks in the Hindu Kush mountain range. There are numerous hotels and resorts which offer amazing views of the cliff. Those who visit Chitral don’t miss Garam Chashma. Although all chashmas bear cold water, Garam Chashma is a hot spring in Chitral with miraculous healing properties. Barmoghlasht is a famous resort in Chitral.

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