How much does a UK citizenship cost?

By the end of 2020, approximately 393,000 people migrated to the UK. Out of which 141,896 were granted British citizenship. Even post-Brexit the count continues to rise as the UK generates more opportunities for foreign nationals to come, permanently settle, and then gain British citizenship through the process of naturalisation.

The application fees for British citizenship is generally non-refundable.

The application fees for British citizenship is generally non-refundable.

Know your application fee

  1. In the Process of naturalisation, form AN is filled and £1,330 is needed to be paid
  2. In the process of naturalisation British overseas territory citizens, £1,000 is to be paid
  3. To register as a British overseas territory citizen, category- child requires £810
  4. To register as a British overseas territory citizen, category- adult requires £901
  5. Home office fee for the registration of a child: £1,012
  6. Home office fee for the registration of an adult: £1,206
  7. Application for a right of abode or British citizenship: £372
  8. Ceremony fee: £80

Additionally, Home Office charges £19.20 for the Biometric process under each registration category

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There are other fees also to be considered

  1. Renunciation of nationality: you are to pay £372
  2. To get a nationality review: £372
  3. To get a Status letter: £250
  4. Non-acquisition letter: £250
  5. Nationality correction to the certificate: £250
  6. Life in the UK test: £50 

How do you apply?

Firstly, you must check whether you are meeting all the requirements.

Secondly, you need to fill your application form. There are 2 ways for it

  1. Applying by yourself via an online process of Naturalization
  2. Applying through a representative or a UK immigration lawyer

Thirdly,  submit your form, and register for Biometrics.

After a successful Biometrics,  pay the required fee from the above-mentioned table and send the form to UK Visa and Immigration(UKVI) and wait for their approval.

Lastly, once it is approved by the Home office, you can attend a citizenship ceremony and will be granted British citizenship.

In case, you go through a UK immigration lawyer, you will have to send all the documents through them.

Tracking of your application

After you have applied for British citizenship and paid the required fee, you receive a unique identification number. You must wait until hearing from the Home Office, not before 6 months. The Home office will contact you in case they find any missing data or information in your application.


There are several ways with which one can apply for British Citizenship. You can even choose to apply if you fall in the bracket of eligibility in more than one.

The basic eligibility requirements include:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Individuals ‘Good character’ and no criminal offence in his/her name
  • Intention to live longer in the UK
  • Individual to pass the ’Life in the UK’ test
  • English language proficiency 

Routes through which you can take British citizenship

  1. Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR): with ILR, individuals are eligible for filling British citizenship application form. An individual should have been residing in the UK for 5 years with an active ILR status of 12 months.

Individuals must also abide by certain rules, such as staying outside the UK for more than 90 days in the last 2 years can lead you to lose your ILR.

  1. Eligibility by birth: Under this criterion, one is a British citizen, if
  • Date of birth is before 01 January 1983
  • Date of birth after 1983, then one of the parents should have citizenship or well settled in the country
  1. Eligibility by marriage: To get British citizenship after marriage,
  • Individuals to have lived for 3 years in the UK before your application process.
  • If under European Union settlement scheme, individual to have ILR
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