Xiaomi new idea phone features a waterfall screen on all ends

Xiaomi has introduced their latest phone idea: a “quad-curved waterfall display.” This means that the unnamed phone’s screen not just has serious 88-degree “waterfall” shapes on the left and correct factors but on the top and base as correctly, causing several spaces for ports or buttons. Xiaomi says this is meant to “increase the restricts of the screen to infinity” and help “a genuine, port-free unibody design.”

The absolute most apparent question is how that could focus on the screen’s sides of the phone. The promotional imagery appears like Xiaomi is merely causing them clear with small, spherical cutouts. Not exactly infinity, then, but a right key — although for folks who presently don’t like the relatively moderate rounded exhibits on telephones like the Universe S21 Ultra, that sounds like their nightmare.

Stating a principle system totally through renders does not quite have the effect of featuring it down personally, as was common pre-COVID. A Xiaomi representative tells that this telephone does exist and that they have tried it themselves, for what that is worth. The show is the consequence of “countless breakthroughs in glass folding and laminating engineering,” according to Xiaomi, and “presents the amount of 46 groundbreaking patents.”

This concept phone follows last week’s announcement of seemingly outlandish Xiaomi tech, its “Mi Air Charge” truly wireless charging system. And in 2019, Xiaomi revealed the Mi Mix Alpha phone, which featured a display wrapped around almost the whole device, though it ultimately never went on sale. This latest concept may well never allow it to be right into a commercially available device.

Xiaomi will announce global availability because of its far more conventional Mi 11 flagship phone at an event next Monday, February 8th.

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